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Establish your company in France

Frame Management is a company made up of dedicated men and women with a great deal of expertise and experience in the administrative field.

As such, Frame Management is able to provide full services in :

  • General administrative assistance

  • Human Resources

  • International management of customer relationships

  • Accounting and payroll

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Work in France

As an international firm you are looking for meeting and addressing your clients’ expectations/concerns worldwide as best as possible?

Frame Management is offering a combination of key services you need to be active in France and can facilitate the interactions with your local customers, e.g. :

  • A French address corresponding to our premises

  • A French office, as needed with telephone, web access and printing services

  • French, English or German hotlines, your European clients may use for their various orders

  • A dedicated french phone number exclusively assigned to YOUR company for an optimal management of YOUR customers

According to your instructions, external calls will be transferred to the concerned person or service and a notification sent for your information.

Frame Management’s mission is to daily meet its custormers’ s expectations and to provide with the highest quality standards, always with passion.

Each member of Frame Management brings the best of himself/herself to provide flawless services.

Yes, it is possible to easily work in France !

Please feel free to contact us by clicking here :  Frame Management

Contact +33 1 75 438 498